U-Nam's brand new side project "U-Nam + The Sweet Bandits" debut single "Wild Cards + Smoking Guns" - Out Now!

[Los Angeles, CA, 10/01/23] 

U-Nam, the internationally acclaimed musician and guitar virtuoso, celebrated for his collaborations with legends such as Barry White, Kool & the Gang, George Duke, and Marcus Miller, is embarking on a musical odyssey that transcends genres.

The maestro is set to defy musical boundaries and captivate audiences anew with his latest project band, introducing "U-Nam + The Sweet Bandits". Their debut single, "Wild Cards + Smoking Guns", is not just a song; it's a captivating story of love and loss, artfully crafted by U-Nam, who also arranged, produced, and played all the instruments, including the evocative banjo. The hauntingly beautiful vocals are provided by Christine Corless, a seasoned vocalist and artist based in Nashville.


Hailing from Paris, France, U-Nam's journey took a significant turn when he relocated to the USA in 2008. His arrival marked a renaissance in the world of Smooth Jazz, as he not only took center stage but also established himself as a producer, re-mixer, and the visionary behind Skytown Records, his niche label that reshaped the genre.


From the outset of his career as a sought-after session player, U-Nam ascended the ranks rapidly, amassing Gold and Multi-Platinum records for his contributions to iconic acts like Barry White and Kool & the Gang. In 2005, he embarked on a solo career with the critically acclaimed "The Past Builds the Future". However, it was upon his move to Los Angeles that he reached new heights with the release of "Back From the 80’s". The album, featuring the chart-topping hit "Street Life", dominated the US Billboard Charts for months, leaving an indelible mark.


U-Nam's journey continued with "Unamimity" (featuring the US Billboard Top 30 hit "Shine On") in 2009 and the sensational "C'est Le Funk" in 2014. A pinnacle moment came with his tribute to George Benson, "Weekend In LA – A Tribute To George Benson", which not only reached #1 on iTunes Japan for Jazz but also received Grammyconsideration with 10 entries spanning 6 categories.


For over two decades, U-Nam has been captivating audiences worldwide with his electrifying live performances, touring the US and headlining major Jazz and R&B festivals. His remarkable journey as a solo artist and performer has solidified his status as a music luminary."


In 2018, U-Nam unveiled "The Essential Collection", and in 2019, he released the cathartic "Future Love", an album that landed at #20 on the Billboard Top 25 Jazz Albums Chart, earning top spots on Amazon and iTunes Jazz charts. 


Fast forward to 2023, and U-Nam's creative genius remains undiminished. His latest venture, “Sunshine Of Mine”featuring the hit singles "Juicy Smile", "Make a Wish", and "It's Only Love", all staples on Sirius XM Watercolors, reaffirms his prominent position in Smooth Jazz.


Noteworthy Achievements:

• Numerous Gold & Platinum Albums and Singles as a Producer & Remixer (e.g., Double Platinum Album Barry White"The Ultimate Collection").

#1 Funk Best Seller on Amazon US with U-Nam & California Funk Machine "Volume 1".

• Multiple songs in the Top 30 Billboard Smooth Jazz National Airplay.

#1 on iTunes Jazz in Japan and US with "Weekend in L.A - A Tribute to George Benson".

"Future Love" (2019) reached #20 on the Billboard Top 25 Jazz Albums Chart.

"Sunshine of Mine" (2023) debuted at #1 on Smooth Jazz New Release and #3 on Smooth Jazz Overall Best Seller on Amazon US.


U-Nam, a mainstay on Sirius XM's Watercolors channel for decades, is not just an artist; he's a cherished member of the Sirius XM family. His latest endeavor, the band "U-Nam + The Sweet Bandits", is poised to redefine the music landscape once more. With the fusion of Country Pop and a touch of the Wild West into his signature sound, this project marks a transformative moment in his illustrious career. The artist's unwavering commitment to artistic innovation and his fearless approach to music continue to inspire fans worldwide.


Their debut single, "Wild Cards + Smoking Guns", is not just a song; it's a captivating story that transports listeners to the Wild West, with U-Nam's masterful storytelling and Christine Corless's enchanting vocals. The song combines vivid imagery with a gripping exploration of a toxic relationship, making it a powerful and evocative narrative. 

In addition to the single release, there will also be a visually stunning lyrics video that goes beyond traditional lyrics videos. This video includes captivating graphics and footage that artfully tells the story of the song, providing a visually immersive experience for listeners."


“Wild Cards + Smoking Guns" is set to drop on October 6, 2023. This genre-blending masterpiece can be found on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.



About U-Nam + The Sweet Bandits:

"U-Nam + The Sweet Bandits" is the latest project led by U-Nam, the world-renowned musician and guitarist extraordinaire, celebrated for his pioneering work in Contemporary Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, and now Country Pop. With an impressive career spanning decades and a string of chart-topping hits, U-Nam + The Sweet Bandits bring a fresh, genre-blending perspective to the music scene. Their debut single, "Wild Cards + Smoking Guns", is a storytelling masterpiece that combines Wild West imagery with a gripping exploration of a toxic relationship. For more information, visit www.thesweetbandits.com.